If you ever see this post – please comment. It’s been a long time since I talked to you…

Btw, I’m 16 now. I was 9 when I met you lol.


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Agg is Back!

Hey guys!

I am permanently back, and I will try and update a lot. I will update every time CP updates, and fix this blog up! We have a new domain name, and it is Also I’ve bought CSS again!


December 22, 2010 at 2:12 pm 10 comments

Please welcome us back!

Hi guys, this is Jjryan9 here. I know it’s been a long time since either of us posted, but that’s about to change. I’m back, and hopefully Aggron will be soon. I shall be posting all cheats after the Fall Fair 2010 party. So get ready!

September 12, 2010 at 1:50 pm 1 comment

Club Penguin Adventure Party 2010 Cheats

Hey everybody! I just wanted to start off by saying that this party is amazing and totally worth your time. The design is magnificent, if nothing else, but all of the activities are fun to participate in and I know for sure that I’m gonna have an awesome time hanging out with my buddies during this party! Anyways, I have all of the party cheats right here!

Scavenger Hunt

The objective of the scavenger hunt is to find 8 paper boats. Its actually really easy just by reading the hints (if you know the room decorations a bit), so it shouldn’t provide you much trouble. But I’m not here to tell you that, am I? I’m here to tell you exactly where to find each of the paper boats (and other stuff) so you can get your items and be happy.

The first boat is in located in the Forest, in the bushes near the large stone and entrance to the Hidden Lake in the bottom-left hand corner of your screen.

The second boat is located on the lighthouse at the Beach.

The third boat is located in some bushes at the Snow Forts; its near the entrances to the Town and Stadium.

The fourth boat is located on the “Mermaid Cove” sign at the Hidden Lake.

The fifth boat is hidden behind the Puffle’s bandanna on the Pet Shop at the Plaza.

The sixth boat is located inside the wooden cup on the Coffee Shop in the Town (a lot of prepositional phrases?).

The seventh boat is located at the Ski Village on the wooden sign.

And finally, the eighth boat is located on the tree at the Iceberg.

To claim your prizes, read the following section.

Free Items

After completing the Scavenger hut, you are given the option to build a map using the boats (which are the map pieces). Its quite simple, but I’ll show you how to do it anyway. (Notice that the picture below is actually missing one piece, but all you have to do is drag the final piece into the empty spot) To build the map, drag a piece into its designated spot.

When you complete this, a message will come up telling you to claim your prize, which is a cool new background. You should also notice that the map is actually pointing to the Cove.

Head over to the Cove. You will now see a large “X” marking the designated spot to dig. How do you dig? Grab a Miner’s Helmet if you don’t have one or use a previously purchased Hard Hat (members) to dig and claim your other prize, the Pirate Bandanna (white version of the Puffle Bandanna).

Members Only

Club Penguin seems to love doing this now-a-days (and I don’t mind, as long as its nothing major): Members Only stuff. Go to the Tree Fort (climb the rope at the Forest) and grab your Marooned Outfit!

That’s all the cheats for this party! Don’t forget to check out the awesome Battle Boats room (there are two entrances: Beach and Cove)!


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Have You Followed Rsnail?

Hello Penguins!

Huge News is spreading, due to the lack of no one visiting Rocket Snail’s site anymore, he has decided to make a twitter. It is very cool indeed. His username is _rsnail on twitter.

He loves Legos so don’t even say anything about that.


Picture 4

Also visit Rocket Snail’s site to see his widget:

Picture 3

I’m trying to get him to follow me currently, have fun!


October 4, 2009 at 1:33 pm 9 comments

Halloween Catalog Secrets

BOO! Its finally here! The long-awaited Halloween Clothing Catalog of 2009! So much has changed from last year; it was my first Halloween post! So lets get rolling!

Starting off, the first cheat is hidden in the small mushroom to the right of the big mushroom on page 3 (counting the color pages as the first two pages).

Halloween Catalog 2009 01

Hidden in that mushroom, making a return from all the way back in 2006, is the BLACK CAPE!!!

Halloween Catalog 2009 02

Finally something exciting! But its kinda sad because its no longer rare… There is only one more rare cape (the Lime Green cape)…

Now looking over at page 4, click the light above “The Royal” wig to get the Ghost Costume. Its odd that its hidden being one of the signture Halloween items… Part of me is glad but the other part of me wonders why the other classics (Clown and Skeleton) didn’t return…

Halloween Catalog 2009 03

The next item is the Black Superhero Mask, which made its first (I believe its first, or atleast first in a long, long while) reappearance in last year’s catalog, is on page 6. Click the Blizzard Wizzard penguin’s foot (the one he is sticking out).

Halloween Catalog 2009 04

*Sigh* That’s it for the Halloween Items… On page 7 click the mouse of the Laptop for the Black Bowtie.

Halloween Catalog 2009 05

This is the last item… *sigh*… Now if you can’t guess it, look: Something is missing. Incase you didn’t know, there are two of the same hidden items in every catalog. Click the piano on page 18 (for a clearer area, look at the encircled area) for the Red Viking Helmet, but if you open and close it 3 more times you will get the Blue Viking Helmet. No Gold Viking Helmet liek last Halloween Catalog….

Halloween Catalog 2009 06

That’s it guys! SCARE-OFF!


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Pink Cotton Candy Disappears (Coffee Shop)

Hey Penguins!

The Pink Cotton Candy Disappears in the Coffee Shop! It blends in with it of course. It looks cool though, you can say you ate all the cotton candy!

Picture 36

Of course it doesn’t blend completely, but it looks a little close.

Picture 37


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